Beers @ Al's current View Source at GitHub

Beers @ Al's is the result of an idea of mine when Al's website wasn't mobile-friendly at the time and I was constantly not wanting to leave my table to see the tap list (which isn't easily readable from every seat in the building). Al's original website left much to be desired when accessing from a mobile device, so I saw an opportunity to make something useful. Today, Al's website is much improved and mobile-friendly! However, my app provides additional features not available there. Things like searching/filtering, Untappd integration, additional views of the tap list, and speed.

The front-end of it is an AngularJS app utilizing Bootstrap and jQuery. The back-end, that provides live up-to-date data from Al's website, is an Express node.js app utilizing a MongoDB database. The code is open source and available on github.

Tap List - Lititz Craft Beer Fest current View Source at GitHub

Tap List is the result of my successful Beers @ Al's app being used by friends and collegues. I was asked to provide the official tap list for the Lititz Craft Beer Fest using my tap list app as a basis. I donated my time and effort to the wonderful festival (and it's great cause) and have done so for 3+ years so far.

The branded app uses the same code base as Beers @ Al's with minor modifications unique to the festival and their static list of beers each year.

Passwird Deals current Download for iOS Source at GitHub View more details

Passwird Deals is the unofficial iOS app for It is available as a universal app on the iOS App Store, it runs optimized for both the iPhone and iPad. It consumes a REST web service that I wrote and designed that generates JSON data objects in an application built on the ASP.NET MVC framework. My API utilizes Json.NET to consume the official API that I help to provide input for during creation.

The source code for both the iOS app and API is open source. I also wrote a notifications system that is a multi-threaded polling app to send notifications to all subscribed users when a new deal is posted. This system is available on github within the API repository.

Latest Chatty current Download for iOS Source at GitHub

Latest Chatty is a community portal app for members of, a website dedicated to video game news coverage. I wasn't a part of the initial creation of this app, but I stepped in to pick up a bunch of maintenance and enhancement work that was needed. I have committed bug fixes, large and small enhancements, and implemented two total visual overhauls to the app. I worked with the original developer, Squeegy, to transfer ownership of the app on the App Store to myself.

Crane Thoroughbreds current View

Crane Thoroughbreds is an ASP.NET web application that I wrote for a friend's business. It's a basic ASP.NET WebForms application that uses URL rewriting and is powered by a custom-built content management system.

Vote '12 past Source at GitHub

Vote '12 is a simple iOS app designed to help determine which presidential candidate you should vote for in the 2012 election. It includes a series of 15 questions that lean heavily in the way of the one of the candidates. Your result is calculated and can then be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter.